Animate height with CSS transitions using scale()

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An example to simulate the transition height using scale()

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Pure CSS - Progress Circles

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A example of progress circles using only Stylus

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Kratos Boilerplate

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A simple and fast boilerplate for static projects using Gulp, Jade, Stylus and PostCSS

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Front-End Brasil - Github

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Organization in Github to improve the discussions about Front-End on Brazil

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My Coding Style

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My rules coding for HTML, CSS and JavaScript development

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Survey - Front-End Brasil

Thumbnail of Survey - Front-End Brasil's website

Market research with Front-enders of Brazil

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CSS Components

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A set of common UI Components using the power of CSS and without Javascript

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A modern and light chess game developed with HTML, CSS and Javascript

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A Clockwork Orange

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My tribute in Pure CSS to this great movie

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Piano Keyboard

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Piano Keyboard developed in HTML, CSS and Javascript

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Responsible Table - Action

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Example of responsive table to actions

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Pure CSS - Eric Cartman

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Eric Cartman in Pure CSS (with animation)

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